TripSet Webinar:

Prepare for take-off... TripSet's air booking tool is here!


Friday, September 13th @ 12pm Eastern


You know all about TripSet for booking hotels and cars, but did you know you can now book flights on TripSet, too? Issuing tickets through CCRA’s TripSet booking portal can be profitable for your agency, either by earning a commission or adding your own markup.
Join us as we take off on an educational review of CCRA’s TripSet Air Booking Tool, powered by Skybird. Register for the webinar today to hear CCRA Staff, Holly Carrig Matthews, Senior Director of Agency Services, Judy Boettiger, TripSet Sales and Service Manager, and Skybird’s very own Business Development Director Michael Dunne, who will be presenting a live demo of TripSet Air.

Booking Incentive: for each ticket you book on TripSet between September 13th – September 30th your name will be entered into a drawing for a $200 Amex Gift Card!



In this webinar, you'll learn:
  • How to book flights on TripSet Air
  • Earn commissions and/or set your own markups to increase profits
  • Why TripSet is the Answer to all your booking needs