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How to Grow an Email List of Perfect Clients That Will Grow Your Bank Balance


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Do you ever feel like you're living client to client, kind of like paycheck to paycheck?

When your traffic stalls, so will your revenue. And nobody wants a travel business like that. For your travel business to stop surviving and start thriving (think six-figure profits), you need to make list-building your #1 priority in 2019 and 2020.

Join Sandra McLemore, Business Growth Strategist and Online Marketing & Media Expert, and Margie Jordan, VP TRUE Network, and discover how a marketing funnel opens with a lead magnet, how to grow your email list, and then what to do with that list to close sales. 


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Sandra McLemore is a digital marketing and business growth expert who got her start in the travel business 20 years ago as a retail travel agent. She is now the owner of TRAVEL MARKETING & MEDIA, a marketing agency for travel brands specializing in content creation, design, and media. She is also the creator of THE TRAVEL AGENT'S SUITCASE and TRAVEL MARKETING REVOLUTION, programs that help travel agents to get a consistent flow of new clients through smart marketing strategies.





Margie Jordan's techy vision, intertwining travel and strategic social media advances, drive her as CCRA’s Vice President, TRUE Network. In this role, Margie oversees member service functions comprised of strategic partnerships, business development, marketing, meetings and special events.